The Program

  • Program Overview

    ONE TO ONE is a unique children’s literacy program that provides one-to- one tutoring to elementary school students who struggle with reading. Our trained volunteers work with students in schools during school hours. These students are identified by their teachers as needing a boost in their literacy skills. The program is aimed at the grey-area students, those who do not receive any other resource support directly from the schools (i.e. no designated learning issues) but are not yet reading at grade level and often receive little or no literacy support at home.

    ONE TO ONE provides these children with an opportunity to practice their reading in an environment where it is okay to take risks, make mistakes, and learn at their own pace. It is our goal to bring these students up to reading at their appropriate grade level, providing them an opportunity for academic success and hope for a brighter future.

    How it Works

    • In the Vancouver area, the ONE TO ONE program is managed directly by ONE TO ONE Literacy Society staff from the Vancouver office.
    • The ONE TO ONE Program outside the Vancouver area is managed by a literacy organization in the community with the support of ONE TO ONE Literacy Society.
    • Each school has a School Coordinator who oversees the program within their school, usually a Resource Teacher, Teacher Librarian, Administrator or other interested staff member. The School Coordinator works with the classroom teachers to select and schedule the students and to create their reading logs and other materials.
    • Vancouver area schools and some regions outside of Vancouver have an Area Liaison or Regional Liaison involved in the ongoing support of the program.
    • The program focuses on Grade 1-7 students (with an emphasis on the primary grades). Selected students do not receive other resource support but are not yet reading at grade level. Students are selected by teaching staff.
    • Volunteers commit to reading with students during school hours one morning or one afternoon per week.
    • Volunteers are required to attend a 3-hour training session and complete a criminal record check.
    • Students read with volunteers in structured 30-minute sessions, 2 times per week for the school year (October to June). In some regions, sessions are 4 times per week for 12-week blocks.
    • The Power of ONE TO ONE
    • The ONE TO ONE Tutoring Session
  • ONE TO ONE in the Vancouver Region

    In our Vancouver area program, we have 350 volunteer tutors who annually provide thousands of hours of reading support to over 1,500 children. In the 2017-2018 school year, our program will serve 116 schools throughout the Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, and Richmond School Districts. Our hope is to continue our growth and have ONE TO ONE available to other districts in the Metro Vancouver area.

    How the Partnership Works

    ONE TO ONE staff recruit the volunteer tutors, organize the tutor training workshops, and ensure all tutors have completed a criminal record check. Our Volunteer Coordinator then matches tutors with a school, based on compatible schedules and geographic location. ONE TO ONE provides the school with books and other resources to help deliver a quality program.

    Each school has a Coordinator who oversees the program, usually a resource teacher or teacher/librarian. The Coordinator works with the classroom teachers to select and schedule the students and to create their reading logs and other materials.

    ONE TO ONE has seven Area Liaisons in the Vancouver area, each responsible for a group of schools. Our Liaisons are retired teachers and they are the link between the School Coordinators, the volunteer tutors, and our ONE to ONE office. The Liaisons work closely with the School Coordinators to orient tutors to the program within each school, and provide valuable ongoing support to both the Coordinators and the tutors to ensure the program runs smoothly.

    ONE TO ONE Vancouver Region Schools

    • Burnaby

      • Armstrong
      • Aubrey
      • Cameron
      • Douglas Road
      • Edmonds
      • Lochdale
      • Marlborough
      • Maywood
      • Montecito
      • Morley
      • Second Street
      • Stoney Creek
      • Stride Avenue
      • Twelfth Avenue
      • Westridge
      • Windsor
      • Lyndhurst
      • Cascade Heights
      • Nelson
    • Coquitlam

      • Bramblewood
      • Irvine
      • Moody
      • Rochester
      • Miller Park
      • Central
      • Birchland
    • New Westminster

      • Richard McBride
      • Qayqayt
      • Herbert Spencer
      • FW Howay
    • North Vancouver

      • Boundary
      • Brooksbank
      • Cleveland
      • Dorothy Lynas
      • Lynnmour
      • Lynn Valley
      • Norgate
      • Queen Mary
      • Queensbury
      • Ridgeway
      • Sherwood Park
      • Upper Lynn
      • Westview
    • Richmond

      • Blundell
      • Bridge
      • Brighouse
      • Byng
      • Cook
      • Thomas Kidd
      • McNeely
      • R.J. Tait
      • Quilchena
    • Vancouver

      • Beaconsfield
      • Begbie
      • Brock
      • Bruce
      • Carleton
      • Carnarvon
      • Carr
      • Cavell
      • Champlain Heights Annex
      • Champlain Heights
      • Chief Maquinna
      • Collingwood Neighbourhood School
      • Cook
      • Crosstown
      • Cunningham
      • Dickens
      • Dickens Annex
      • Douglas
      • Douglas Annex
      • Fleming
      • Fraser
      • Gordon
      • Grenfell
      • Hastings
      • Henderson
      • Jamieson
      • Kerrisdale
      • Kerrisdale Annex
      • Kingsford-Smith
      • Kitchener
      • L'École Bilingue
      • Laurier
      • Livingstone
      • Lord
      • Mackenzie
      • Maple Grove
      • McBride
      • Moberly
      • Mount Pleasant
      • Nightingale
      • Nootka
      • Norma Rose Point
      • Norquay
      • Oppenheimer
      • Queen Elizabeth
      • Queen Elizabeth Annex
      • Queen Mary
      • Queen Victoria Annex
      • Quilchena
      • Quesnel
      • Renfrew
      • Roberts
      • Roy
      • Secord
      • Selkirk
      • Selkirk Annex
      • Sexsmith
      • Seymour
      • Shaughnessy
      • Sir John Franklin
      • Southlands
      • Strathcona
      • Tecumseh
      • Thunderbird
      • Tillicum Annex
      • Trafalgar
      • Trudeau
      • Tyee
      • Van Horne
      • Weir
      • Waverley
      • Wolfe
      • Xpey’
  • Bring ONE TO ONE to Your Community

    The ONE TO ONE Literacy Program is growing! If you are an educator or literacy professional and would like to see the program in your community, we would be very happy to help make this happen.

    Our program model for communities outside the Vancouver area is for Literacy Task Groups or other literacy organizations to adopt the program. Each community designates a District Coordinator to be the main contact and manage the program in the community. The District Coordinator engages schools in the community to participate in the program.

    A one-time start up fee is charged for all the required guidance to implement the program including initial set-up, support, training, and resources. ONE TO ONE Literacy provides ongoing support to ensure continued long-term success of the program.

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    Volunteer with ONE TO ONE in Your Community

    Our dedicated volunteers tutor children who struggle with reading. The work is fun and very rewarding! We provide thorough training and ongoing support to all our volunteer tutors. This is a tremendous opportunity to truly make a difference in a child’s confidence and chance of succeeding academically and in life.

    If you are interested in volunteering with ONE TO ONE in your region outside the Vancouver area, please contact the District Coordinator for that region for more information.